Mattis Emerges to Take Shot at Trump

August 29, 2019   |   by James G. Dalton

Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis, once one of Trump’s most well-respected advisors, has emerged from the shadows to call into question President Trump’s global leadership.

According to Fox News:

Former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis took several implicit swipes at President Trump’s leadership in an op-ed published Wednesday, warning about the fallout from fractured alliances and increasing divisiveness under the current administration.

“Nations with allies thrive, and those without them wither. Alone, America cannot protect our people and our economy,” Mattis wrote. “At this time, we can see storm clouds gathering.”

He pointedly added: “A polemicist’s role is not sufficient for a leader. A leader must display strategic acumen that incorporates respect for those nations that have stood with us when trouble loomed.”

“When my concrete solutions and strategic advice, especially keeping faith with our allies, no longer resonated, it was time to resign, despite the limitless joy I felt serving alongside our troops in defense of our Constitution,” Mattis wrote.

Mattis did make clear that the biggest threat to America is not from our enemies but from our internal divisiveness.

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  1. Jim Watson

    August 29, 2019 @ 2:38 pm

    You’re thinking is why you’re not there anymore you can say it was I quit but you were fired

    • Ron Stidham

      August 31, 2019 @ 10:27 pm

      Just what the Doctor ordered, another retarded Military shit head who has been at the trough of public assistance his whole fuggin life advising the President about any thing! Change your name to Mad Hog Mattis and go back to grubbing stumps and digging post holes. When the next herd thinning comes around we should start with the Military as it has become a drain as large as the D V A and the Post Office with nepotistic retirement packages that would tempt even the most honest and hardworking Americans. 20 year retirement and a bevy of other enticements are absurd and the only place in the world where they are offered. 20 trillion in debt, graft and corruption at all time highs we must do something to curb the eventual collapse of the whole she bang!

  2. Carl Crump

    August 29, 2019 @ 2:38 pm

    One of the most trusted Generals of all time! Trump, please listen to him, and others!!!

    • April

      August 29, 2019 @ 3:10 pm

      My brother having served in the Marines as well as many Marines respect Mad Dog Mattis, but they all say the same thing, There is a reason, they call him Mad Dog Mattis. Have you ever heard the term WAR HAWK? No matter how good Mattis is he is a war hawk, he believes in keeping our men over there to keep fighting endless wars. Trump is listening to others, but the others are not war hawks.

    • Bill Larkin

      August 29, 2019 @ 3:57 pm

      Sour grapesh, lisp intended.
      He’s a lifer, what do you expect?
      Soldiers arr NOT the most diplomatic advisers.

  3. Ama

    August 29, 2019 @ 10:09 pm

    Mad Dog gets more mad because he needs attention! So, I see, that he could not be a LOYAL and TRUSTED
    partner inside the WH. He was just like the LEFT-OVERs from the TRAITOR Obama’s years. President Trump has a greater outlook on things and how could they be made better for Americans and America. He is not DIVIDING or LEAVING the Allies, He is telling them the TRUTH on HOW things should have been done Right and properly, to pull each nations’ shares of Responsibilities and be Accounted for. With China, its the same thing; The US Companies have been CHEATED out of BILLIONS of Dollars for about a DECADE due to BAD and CARELESS Negotiations and Agreements by Previous Administrations, either they did not know what they were doing or they were receiving KICKBACKS from China as Individuals or Teams but not the US Government and the Companies doing business…China is DISHONEST and DENYING to make Adjustments to make the DEALS a WIN-WIN, because in addition they were Stealing American Technology, Intellectual properties and more; That’s basically CHEATING; NOW WE Know, that the CHINESE Economy is Very Vulnerable and Based on FAKE, STOLEN, LIES and a Killing System, Benefitting Only the Chinese Leadership, the POOR Gets CHEATED and POORER, while the Smart Workers gets Jailed or Killed…Never Invest in China and Never Believe in the Chinese Leadership!

  4. James Protiva

    August 29, 2019 @ 10:39 pm

    Words of wisdom straight from the Word of God which reiterates what General Mattis has stated: A brother offended is harder to be won than a strong city. Diplomacy can only succeed when a mutual level of dignity, honor, trust, and respect is established/realized between adversaries. Being man enough to admit one’s mistakes and learning from them so they are not repeated is the mark of a good leader and the only true way forward when seeking to establish meaningful friendships and relationships which will take root, blossom, and endure. If speaking the truth offends others , then the burden of responsibility for any consequences that follow falls upon them; no real relationship can be realized if it is not founded and grounded in the truth. Seeing men and women who are supposed to be our leaders shamelessly attacking others while they themselves are guilty of the very things the are judging others for is sad and disheartening. How can we as a nation unify if the elected men and women who swore to honor and defend our Constitution, people, and nation violate their oath of office by engaging in behavior and dialogue which divides and destroys the security, peace, and freedom of our people and nation which our forefathers fought and gave their blood and lives for. People need to examine their own hearts first and fix what is wrong with themselves before attempting to help or lead others. We the People have a responsibility to use whatever means is necessary to dispel evil from our government and society when that evil becomes so egregious it threatens the lives and security of our people and nation. It is time we come together in our our local communities, and to elect men and women of substance and character who can be trusted to faithfully execute the duties they are charged with, and restore our Constitution and our nation to its former glory so that our peace, freedom, and people may flourish and endure for years to come and America may become truly great again.

  5. Creola V Loyd

    August 29, 2019 @ 11:40 pm

    It is never correct in any form to criticize your former employer. I learned many things in my 86 years and 30 of those with the Defense Department, do not say anything after you retire or quit or whatever form your leaving takes, if you cannot say something nice, say nothing. I believe General Mattis probably was an outstanding general; however, he is now retired from his military career and did not fit into a civilian role that at first appeared a “fit”. Move on, say nothing degrading about our President – that is just fueling the fire of division in this country that is already at the bursting into flame stage.

  6. Catherine michaels

    August 29, 2019 @ 11:41 pm

    Mattis has No idea how silent Americans love Donald J. TRUMP.
    “AMERICA’S BRAVE HEART”. He has done more for the American people than any other president ever. Let him continue his committment to our citizens. Support and back Donald for the safety and security of our country.Do not oppose him. Work WITH him not against him. DON’T BE A SPOILER. Let us have our President who is so deserving as Presidentnofbthe United Ststes.

    • Willip

      August 30, 2019 @ 4:10 am

      Your comments are so true. I think Mad Dog is probably great General. But Maybe the name “Mad Dog” was originated because he didn’t know went shut up.

  7. JJ

    August 30, 2019 @ 12:36 am

    Have ANY of you considered that Mad Dog Mattis may be playing along with Trump? From what I’ve heard, Mad Dog is at GITMO & is one of the people who are questioning the TREASONOUS people who have tried to take this country down. Don’t forget, President Trump is very intelligent & he has the MARINES backing him. Did any of you know that Donald Trump was approached yrs. & yrs. ago by LOYAL MILITARY MEMBERS WHO WERE SEEING AND SAW THE TREASON THAT WAS OCCURRING? I believe that JFK JR. is still alive & that he’s getting revenge on the people who MURDERED his father. The reason I’m thinking this, is that there have been a few youtube videos out that show evidence that he is still alive. Y’all know that JFK JR still had Secret Service Agents STILL protecting him, right? Ok, on that supposedly doomed flight, agents were inspecting the plane and found a device that would blow up the plane as it reached a certain altitude. So, instead of JFK JR, his wife & her sister taking the plane, A NAVY SEAL FLEW THE PLANE, HE PARACHUTED OUT OF THE PLANE & IT BLEW UP! Then a few hours later, you can hear JFK JR making communication with the Control Tower. He relays that JFK JR’S plane was lost. It’s his VOICE! Why did it take so long to look for the plane & why did they not find it until WAY LATER? Why wasn’t there a FUNERAL? Why were they BURIED AT SEA with only close family members in attendance? Sooooo many questions, NO ANSWERS. Hitlery tried to kill Kennedy because she knew he WOULD WIN & HE WAS VERY CLOSE FRIENDS WITH DONALD TRUMP. I may not be highly intelligent but it makes sense to me. I’m a 100% disabled female Veteran, USAF 1976-1982. I was 7 yrs. old when JFK WAS SHOT. I saw Lee Harvey Oswald killed on LIVE Television. I listen a lot to different youtube videos & some, I brush off, others, I pay attention to. WILLIAM COOPER & TED GUNDERSON WERE MURDERED BECAUSE THEY WERE WHISTLE BLOWERS! Bill Cooper was Contracted out to the Navy & Ted Gunderson was Head of the FBI, Los Angeles. Bill Cooper was asked the question, aren’t you afraid of being murdered, to which he answered, “THEY CAN SHOOT ME DEAD ON MY FRONT PORCH” I DON’T CARE. Next thing you know, he’s found shot to death on his front porch. The Valiant men & women of the Military who love this country have put their lives on the line to bring DARKNESS TO LIGHT. GOD BLESS THEM AND ALL WHO ARE HELPING THEM TO MAKE OUR COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN. Now, if you don’t believe me, Just look it ALL up. God Bless everyone here who loves our GREAT PRESIDENT & please remember, it took centuries to bring our country to this point. Even though you haven’t heard about the MILITARY TRIBUNALS, DOESN’T MEAN THEY’RE NOT GOING ON. WE DON’T WANT ANY OF THESE EVIL DEMONIC TRAITORS TO SLIP THROUGH THE CRACKS! Military Bases all over this country are participating in the Military Tribunals & I’ve heard that JBLM is one of them. I live right behind JBLM & I’ve talked to one soldier who was here TDY. Of course, he couldn’t discuss any details and I didn’t ask. You do know about the ELEMENT OF SURPRISE, right. The enemy doesn’t NEED TO KNOW what’s going on behind their backs. What’s going on now is SPIRITUAL WARFARE, GOOD AGAINST EVIL. I LOVE AMERICA & ALL SHE STANDS FOR.

  8. Robert Ulrich

    August 30, 2019 @ 8:30 pm

    I believe in our great President and support him with all my heart. I am a 92 year world war two veteran. God bless Donald Trump.

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