Poll: 70 Percent of Millennials Would Vote for Socialist

October 29, 2019   |   by James G. Dalton

Young American voters are much more supportive of socialism than older generations, with more than two-thirds saying they would back a socialist candidate in a new poll.

The survey, conducted by YouGov and Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, found millennials and Generation Z were much more likely to support a socialist candidate than Generation X, Baby Boomers, and the Silent Generation, who tended to prefer capitalist candidates.

  • Gen Z: 49% favorable toward capitalism, 64% would vote for socialist.
  • Millennials: 50% favor capitalism, 70% would vote for socialist.
  • Gen X: 58% favor capitalism, 44% would vote for socialist.
  • Boomers: 63% favor capitalism, 36% would vote for socialist.
  • Silent: 77% favor capitalism, 33% would vote for socialist.

The survey also found about half of millennials (50%) and Gen Z (51%) were unfavorable toward capitalism. That is an increase of 8 percentage points for millennials and 6 percentage points for Gen Z from last year.

Almost one-fifth of millennials (19%) and 12% of Gen Z said the Communist Manifesto “better guarantees freedom and equality for all” than the U.S. Declaration of Independence, compared to 2% of Baby Boomers and 5% of Gen X.

YouGov polled 2,100 U.S. residents: 303 Gen Z, 554 millennials, 494 Gen X, 587 Baby Boomers, and 162 members of the Silent Generation.

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  1. Bill Drews

    October 29, 2019 @ 2:16 pm

    About all I can say on this is the fact that it scares the S… out of me. Not surprised though, seeing as how our higher education system has been teaching socialism for years, and parents just sit around and let it happen….sorta like the Germans when Hitler was on his ride…..


      October 30, 2019 @ 11:02 am

      It isn’t just higher education. The entire educational system has been taken over and they start indoctrinating children beginning in pre-school. Parents are clueless or don’t care. They just drop the kids off and leave them to the Marxists all day. Most are too self-absorbed to bother. I hate to say it but this is also what happens when most mothers care more about careers than raising their children. The leftists know this. Soon it will be too late for our country.


    October 29, 2019 @ 4:36 pm

    The problem with the millennials is that they don’t truly know what Socialism really is. That is a failure (planned) of our education system to properly educate them to all the provisions of Socialism. They think when they say FREE EDUCATION, FREE HEALTH CARE that the GOVERNMENT will pay for it. They think that all that has to be done is PRINT MORE MONEY. They don’t understand that NOTHING IS FREE, SOMEONE IF PAYING FOR IT!!! When they understand that ALL tax payors fund the GOVERNMENT so when money is needed to fund FREE STUFF the GOVERNMENT turns to the TAX PAYORS for MORE money and it DOESN’T EXEMPT the Middle Class folks……


      October 30, 2019 @ 11:11 am

      Yes, it was intentionally planned. The Marxists have been working in a concerted effort for 100 years now and their goal is almost achieved. The rest of us did nothing (sat back blind and complacent) while the left infiltrated and took over most of our major institutions–education, media, government, entertainment, big business, banking, charitable organizations, etc. When folks started to wake up, they hoped simply voting for one man would fix everything instead of organizing and doing what needs to be done by the many. We are a major disappointment to our Founders.

  3. Murray Johnson

    October 29, 2019 @ 8:36 pm

    All millennials are able to hear is the word “free”. Its only half of the word “freedom”, which they will lose if they vote a Socialist into the WH.


      October 30, 2019 @ 11:14 am

      But we the people continue to do NOTHING to fix it. We just sit and complain and expect someone else to save us….we are a pathetic group.

  4. Danielle Benson

    October 29, 2019 @ 9:32 pm

    PLEASE PLEASE… Google January, 1963… The Communist Doctrine…
    The Soviet Union said they would never take our country by force…
    They said they would undermine our youth with drugs, music, sex
    and corrupt their education, etc….. And it all goes straight to hell from there…
    I DO NOT understand why no one has mentioned this before… It is
    ALL happening … Every depraved step… Just like they said… This started
    back then… And has morphed into the nightmare of communism … We
    no longer have a Democratic party… They say Liberal/socialist… It is
    TRULY full blown COMMUNISM… Just like they said they would…
    God bless us … And God help us…


      October 30, 2019 @ 11:17 am

      Yes, but WTP do absolutely nothing to stop it while the left continuously plans, strategizes, organizes, manipulates, indoctrinates and is winning.

    • Dennis Goodman

      October 30, 2019 @ 11:40 am

      You are 100% correct! And they know its working.

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