Schlichter: Trump Is Derailing The Elite’s Gravy Train

November 6, 2019   |   by James G. Dalton

Authored by Kurt Schlichter, op-ed via,

Like the garbage French elite of long ago, our American garbage elite of today has learned nothing and forgotten nothing.

For four years, it has been focused entirely on deep-sixing Donald Trump for his unforgivable crime of demanding that our ruling caste be held accountable for its legacy of failure. Instead of focusing on not being terrible at their job of running America’s institutions, our elitists have decided that the real problem is us Normals being angry about how they are terrible at their job of running America’s institutions.

So, let’s imagine that they finally vanquish Trump, though every time they come up against him they end up dragging themselves home like Ned Beatty after a particularly tough canoe trip.

What happens then?

What happens then is that it’s back to business as usual, and for decades, business as usual for our garbage elite has not merely been running our institutions badly but pillaging and looting our country for power, prestige and cash.

The difference is that in the future they will be much more careful to ensure that no one who is not in on the scam will ever again come anywhere near the levers of power. You can already see it – the demands that we defer to the bureaucrats they own, the attacks on the idea of free expression, and the campaign to disarm us. Their objective is no more Trumps, just an endless line of progressive would-be Maduros with the march toward despair occasionally put on pause for a term by some Fredocon Republican who hates us Normals just as much as the Dems, but won’t admit it until after he’s out of office.

Our garbage elite talks a good game about its service and moral superiority, but if our betters were actually better than us, we would not be having this national conversation about how awful they are.

The fact is that what they want to do is go back to the way it was before Trump, back to 2015, aka the year 1 BT – Before Trump. Back then, progressive Democrats got their bizarre social pathologies normalized. Moderate Democrats got money, power and an open season on the local talent. Corporate types represented largely by squishy Republicans got globalism and the ability to ship our jobs out and import Third World serfs in. And the fake conservatives of Conservative, Inc., got to cash in without the necessity of actually conserving anything.

The only people that the old system didn’t work for were the American people.

It’s important to remember and to always remind yourself, that everything our elite says about its motives and morals is a lie and a scam. Take the whole #MeToo thing. This was supposed to be some sort of revolutionary rebellion against the sexual exploitation of the powerless by the powerful. It’s not, and never was. Rather, it’s simply an internal power struggle among and within the elites to reallocate power among snooty people who don’t give a damn about you or me.

The fall of Harvey Weinstein or Matt Lauer or any of the other bigwigs means nothing to the conservative single mom being exploited by the Democrat donors who own Walmart. It was actually striving female members of the elite – actresses, models, media figures, executives – leveraging the monstrosity of the creeps at the top to increase their own power within the elite. Do you see any of these #MeToo heroines, now that they have taken their scalps, helping their non-elite sisters out in Gun-Jesusland? Yeah, right. They are lining up with the rest of their elite pals to shaft us.

What you do see is excuses. They excuse Bill Clinton and his enabler Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit. They excuse Gropey Joe. They are in the process of excusing Katie Hill, whose naked hairbrush photo has ensured that none of us will ever sit on a hotel room chair again. Why no outrage? Why no concern? Because taking out Stumbles McMyturn or Hoover’s Dad or Congresswoman Every Man’s Lesbian Fantasy Destroyer does not help the faction of the elite that benefited from #MeToo. That would help us, but not the elite. Throuple Gal was exposed by Townhall’s peppery sister site Redstate, not the mainstream media, and the mainstream media is horrified – not by her furniture defilement but that word of it got through the gate they yearn to keep.

The simple fact is that they desperately want Trump out so they can return to the good old days of winks, nods, and payoffs.

Look at the Biden Family Crime Syndicate and the antics of the junior capo of the Cosa Nose Candy. In what universe is it A-OK that the crack-fueled Johnny Appleseed of paternity suits that is Joe’s snortunate son was cashing in on $50K a month in sweet, sweet Ukrainian gas gold just weeks after Ensign Biden got booted because he tooted? And then there’s riding on Air Force Two to the NBA’s favorite dictatorship for some commie ducats. Now there are even some Romanian shenanigans too – is there a single country on earth that Totally-Not-Senile Joe didn’t shake down for the benefit of his daughter-in-law’s second hubby?

But our garbage elite’s garbage media seems amazingly uninterested in all this – it’s fascinated by the timing of a situation room snap after Trump unleashed the Army’s Delta Force on al-Baghdadi and by dog medal memes, but the Veep’s boy’s bag-mannery is not merely of no interest but is something they close their fussy phalanx ranks around to protect. Keep in mind, the premise underlying the whole star chamber impeachment festival of onanism is that Donald Trump, America’s chief law enforcement officer, was somehow wrong and bad and double-plus ungood because he allegedly asked the Ukrainians, “Hey, what’s the dealio with the Columbia Kid’s pay-offs?”

In a non-bizarro political universe, the proper reaction to the Prezzy demanding, “You best fork over the evidence on these manifestly corrupt antics involving the Vice-President of the United States or we’re cutting you off from the American taxpayers’ feeding trough,” would be, “Hell to the yeah, four more years! Four more years!’

But it’s not, because the elite likes its sexual abuse and its foreign cash and its total lack of accountability to us, the Normals, the people who are supposed to be the ones that our elite is working for. The elite has not learned its lesson. It has not admitted that it sucks and resolved to stop sucking.

Instead, it has doubled down. And if it gets power again, it will act to solve what it sees as the most urgent problem facing America – the fact that we the people have the ability to reject the elite’s utter incompetence and surpassing greed and elect someone with a mandate to burn down the whole rotten edifice.

If the elitists get power again, they are never letting go of it, not without a fight. And now, doesn’t the elite’s obsessive fixation on shutting down conservative dissent, eliminating competing institutions (like religious entities), and disarming law-abiding Americans make a lot more sense?

*  *  *

Our garbage elite is outraged over the success of my action-packed yet hilarious novels of America torn apart by liberal malice, People’s RepublicIndian Country and Wildfire. In a few weeks, Number IV, Collapse, will drop. They call these books “appalling.” They don’t want you to read them. That’s better than any blurb!

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  1. Michael Belanger

    November 6, 2019 @ 3:40 pm

    Absolutely Outstanding! Like you, I could write about the newly combined lying, cheating and stealing “Socialist, Communist, Liberal Party” truth until my fingers bleed, and I’m doing just that.

    In an attempt to track their overall Federal high crimes and felonies that the so-called former President and all of his/hers cabinet members and their underlings have been involved in, and remain involved in, but it’s reached hundreds of charges and not a single arrest!

    Mrs. Obama (former so-called President) left nothing short of a “Third World Government” atmosphere in place and the whole lot of them are way to ignorant to care, never mind realize what they are.

    Carry on Soldier, as there is much to do!

    And thank you so much for what you do!

    Respectfully Submitted,

    Michael Joseph
    Author of the Non-Fiction – “THE LAST PROJECT” and many more to follow…

  2. Sandra DeHotman

    November 6, 2019 @ 4:27 pm

    Man, you hit the nail on the head! They want their corrupt politicians to rule the country. Personally, I think we should elect people with business backgrounds as a country is just a big type of business! One problem we have, that businesses shouldn’t if they want to succeed, is a debt larger than your income every year! Also, I am very proud of President Trump for actually doing what he said he would do! The Libs have tried to prevent him from doing all the things he said he would do, but he did succeed at several of them!
    I will never vote for a Liberal as they want to destroy everything I believe in, such as God, gun ownership, lower taxes, closed borders, and so on. I am 76 years old and have never seen a president try so hard to do what he said he would and to promote patriotism the way he does! We need more presidents like him. He even donates his salary to charities! First one I know of who didn’t try to milk his position for more money! He has had a tough time with the Liberals constantly trying to find bad things about him, and to impeach him, but he just keeps on doing his job, and very well as far as I am concerned! I will vote for Trump again in 2020!!!!!

  3. Retta Martin

    November 6, 2019 @ 5:33 pm

    Good article! and great replies. Thanks for keeping us informed and maybe just maybe one or two liberals will wake up to what has happened and what is happening to America.

  4. Dale Hammond

    November 7, 2019 @ 3:07 am

    America seems to be following the same path that other great nations and empires have gone down. They were not defeated by armies from outside the country, but from corruption, greed and other kinds of evil from inside the country. It is so completely obvious that the DemocRATS are still WHINING about losing a “sure thing” in 2016. They are acting worse than children throwing tantrums. They are supposedly adults. Many of them are guilty of TREASON against America. They do NOT belong in positions of leadership in what is NOW a FREE society. Under the DemocRATS we will lose our FIRST, SECOND AMENDEMENT rights, AND others. PLEASE, PLEASE for your loved ones and your own sakes, DO NOT VOTE THE DemocRATS into the WH or the SH. We are in the process of gradually losing our FREEDOMS. When it does happen, it will seem sudden. It is happening right now. THE FROG IS IN THE PAN AND THE TEMPERATURE IS BEING TURNED UP LITTLE BY LITTLE. With the eviction of absolute right and wrong from our society, it is now whatever you can “get away with.” TRUTH is still TRUTH whatever one may believe. You may want 2 + 2 to be 5 when it’s coming TO YOU. You may want 2 + 2 to be 4 or fewer when you have to pay. The TRUTH does not change!

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