Are Democrats “Gerrymandering The Population” With Their Open-Borders Plans?

November 18, 2019   |   by James G. Dalton

In an impassioned interview with Fox Business’ Trish Regan, ‘Die Hard’ actor Robert Davi accused Democrats of “gerrymandering the population” with policies that encourage and protect illegal immigrants.

“Every single thing that they do,” Davi began.

“The Democrats and the cabal of the GOP globalists, they’ve let down the American people for gerrymandering the population.”

As The Daily Caller’s Virginia Kruta notes, Davi also referenced the Immigration and Naturalization Act, passed by former President Lyndon B. Johnson and “argued by Teddy Kennedy,” saying that they had promised the law would not encourage further illegal immigration.

“This is what’s happening, it’s pure and simple,” Davi continued.

“What they want to do is change the shape and the ideology of this nation by letting people in that have not been educated in the system. Trish, I was just in New York, I spoke to immigrant cab drivers from Bangladesh to the Dominican Republic, guys that are working their butts off that have been here legally, and they’re angry.”

Which appears to be exactly what Democrats are doing as Pat Buchanan recently noted on Bernie Sanders’ Open-Borders plan:

Democrats are moving toward an “open door” policy on the U.S. border, an open borders embrace of any and all who wish to come.

America, apparently, does not belong to those who live here and love the country. America belongs to anyone who chooses to come. America belongs to the world.

Consider Bernie Sanders’ immigration proposal, outlined the week of the massacre of Mormon women and children.

  • On Day One, President Sanders would declare a moratorium on deportations and offer a “swift pathway to citizenship” for all illegal migrants who have been here for five years.
  • Bernie would break up ICE.
  • Border-jumping would cease to be a crime and become a civil offense like jaywalking.
  • The “Muslim ban” would be abolished.
  • President Sanders would back sanctuary cities that refuse to work with U.S. law enforcement.
  • Asylum seekers would not have to wait in Mexico as their claims were processed but would be welcomed into the USA.
  • Family separations would end.
  • Trump’s wall, which Bernie calls “racist,” would be history.
  • The administration’s treatment of illegal immigration “as a criminal and national security matter is inhuman, impractical and must end.”
  • Migrants who enter illegally would qualify for federal health care and the same social welfare benefits as U.S. citizens.

Immigrant officials say Sanders’ proposals would create an irresistible magnet for millions of migrants from all over the world to stampede into the USA.

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  1. Floyd Raynard

    November 18, 2019 @ 3:28 pm

    All those promoting open borders need to be deported to Venezuela where they can enjoy all the benefits of a socialist country. Let that Government take care of them, as they do not deserve to live in the USA! WHAT HAVE THEY EVER DONE FOR THIS COUNTRY?

  2. Joseph Corson

    November 18, 2019 @ 4:10 pm

    You are absolutely correct Mr. Raynard!! Yes, what have any of them done but lie, and steal, and cheat from America. They certainly weren’t working for their constituents! Just greed and sedition and dispicable morality!! The new face of the Democratic party!

  3. Dale Hammond

    November 19, 2019 @ 4:14 am

    The new face of the Democrats really looks like “the NORTH end of a SOUTH bound donkey!”

  4. FOFY286

    November 19, 2019 @ 9:36 am

    PEASE see the comments of November 3, 2019. Re: Why would Warren send her child to a private school.
    In particular the one I made. I know I tend to run on like a broke toilet valve but check paragraph 3. It speaks directly on this issue. The preceding paragraphs tie it into a whole concept.

    I was already planning on a comment about another large problem here that does not seem to be addressed. Mr. Daltons’ article the other day about the mainstream media was driving a 16p nail all the way into an oak 2×4 in a single hit. It seems that anything that points out the insanity of the Psychotically Radical Socialist Democrat faction is treated as a joke by the MSM, if it comes up at all, or in other ways to paint it as the ravings of a loon. SO HOW DO WE GET THE REALITY OF IT TO THE GENERAL POPULATION? There are several media means that exist, but the general population does not hear/see them. I hear about those media often in the MSM and always in a manner that strongly suggests that ‘right minded’ people avoid such trash. I have been compiling some things for Facebook to A) hopefully get needed into out there and B) to see how much it is chopped. Many comments are allowed 5 or 6 lines while others are allowed to run on for many more. There is also a “saturation” of posts that appear on many sites that are like general distribution. Those are close to 100% of the ‘everything he says is a lie’ or Dotard Donny in nature. Or taking something basically neutral and twisting it to be a negative connotation. Inferencing abounds for negative depictions. See comments under EX-TRUMP ADVISER SAYS HE SAW NOTHING ILLEGAL IN UKRAINE CALL. 11/2/19 article. [By the way, I really do wonder about how much stuff the Chinese may have sent Hillary on her secret server. Like maybe a collusion with Russia idea or dirt to backdown Joe.]

    There have to be at least 285 people who are smarter than I am and better at this as well. Enough so figure out a workable effective way to get what our country needs to continue as it was designed to be out there gets going.

    • Simple solution, Deport all Dumocrat politicians

      November 19, 2019 @ 1:33 pm

      Simple solution, Deport all Dumocrat politicians

  5. FOFY286

    November 19, 2019 @ 10:00 am

    There is a second possible problem. A site like this has many good and informative articles that help keep us in the ‘fold’. For some they could lead to a feeling of despair, normally not a good emotion and can lead to why bother we are doomed. Or bleed off our energy by making a comment – there I did something. Looking at a lot of the comments being of the ‘Trump is great!’ variety I fear that for many it is a blow off of steam. Some are inciteful and would be good to get out to the general pop. PLEASE don’t just blow off some steam, think of how to get the good thoughts out to the others who need to hear them. I am taking a lot of time from things I need to do for my future wellbeing to do this and what else I mentioned. Because I feel that things will be even worse than the not good at all situation(s) I may fall into by delaying what I should have done if the PRSDs or even a watered down version grab this country.

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