Joe Biden Jokes About Being Old, Dying In Office

January 31, 2020   |   by James G. Dalton

Former Vice President Joe Biden won’t reveal his short list for VP candidates, but whoever it is will have to be able to “immediately” take over in the event the 78-year-old politician dies while in office.

“For me, it has to be demonstrated that whomever I pick, there’s two things: One, he’s capable of immediately being a president because I’m an old guy.

Biden quickly added that he’s “in great health” due to his morning workout routine (which allows him to call voters ‘fat’ and challenge them to pushup contests), but then said “you never know… you never know what’s going on.

As the Daily Caller‘s Chuck Ross notes, “Biden has insisted throughout the campaign that his age should improve his electability.”

“Look, one of the reasons I’m running is because of my age and my experience,” Biden said during a debate on Oct. 15.

“With it comes wisdom,” he continued. “We need someone to take office this time around who on day one can stand on the world stage, command the respect of world leaders from Putin to our allies, and know exactly what has to be done to get this country back on track” (via the Daily Caller).

Biden has been dogged by concerns about his age throughout the campaign. His chief critics have pointed to his repeated gaffes on the campaign trail, and several speeches where he misidentified cities and states, or mixed up decades when certain events occurred.

Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez questioned whether Biden’s age had anything to do with his poor debate performances over the summer.

“His [Biden’s] performance on the stage kind of raised some questions with respect to [his age],” the New York Democrat said in an interview in July. –Daily Caller

Yet – despite Biden’s age, documented gropings, racism, creepy leg hair stories involving children, telling 10-year-old girls they’re good looking, and snapping at voters – he’s still the 2020 Democratic front runner.

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  1. FOFY286

    February 1, 2020 @ 3:24 am

    I am curious, what would happen if Joe did keel over before the election was over like noon on election day? Does his VP pick drop into the slot or does it go to the next in line even if he did get enough votes. You suppose those butthead demos would impeach the coroner for lack of a better target? Would it be publicized before the polls closed? If I were him I would be concerned about his tomorrows. If he turns out the leader and looses Bernie and Poc-ho will simply kill him right on the spot. And if he starts leading for certain, keep lots of room from AOC. Some her ancestors had a real thing about knives. Could be a family trait passed down. And don’t seem would be against one in the back, just listen to her going on for Bernie (her path?).

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