Biden Mocks Buttigieg in Ad Contrasting Their Records in Office

February 11, 2020   |   by James G. Dalton

Joe Biden mocked Pete Buttigieg in a scathing ad that contrasts the former vice president’s long experience in government to the more modest accomplishments of the 38-year-old former mayor of South Bend, Indiana.

“We’re electing a president. What you’ve done matters,” the ad says.

The spot compares Biden’s work helping to pass the Affordable Care Act to Buttigieg’s implementation of decorative lights under South Bend’s bridges. It also says that while Biden, 77, worked to revive the economy after the 2008 crash, Buttigieg’s brought new sidewalks to his mid-sized city.

“Both Vice President Biden and former Mayor Buttigieg have taken on tough fights,” the ad says. “Under threat of a nuclear Iran, Joe Biden helped to negotiate the Iran deal. Under threat of disappearing pets, Buttigieg negotiated lighter licensing regulations on pet chip scanners.”

Democratic candidates including Biden took aim at Buttigieg’s experience at the Democratic debate in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Friday after the former mayor won the Iowa caucus by a razor-thin margin. Biden placed fourth.

Buttigieg spokesman Chris Meagher said the ad reflected Biden’s status as a Washington insider. “South Bend residents who now have better jobs, rising income, and new life in their city don’t think their lives are a Washington politician’s punchline,” Meagher said in a statement. “The vice president’s decision to run this ad speaks more to where he currently stands in this race than it does about Pete’s perspective as a mayor and veteran.”

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  1. Waldodhc

    February 11, 2020 @ 3:52 pm

    All Demorat records while in office are dismal. They are not interested in being productive like Trump. They are not interested in making promises and keeping them. They want to lie to the American public. America cannot stand 4 years of dismalaity. Mayor Pete can’t run a city successfully, but says he can run a country better. The people in his town hate him. They don’t even see him being mayor of South Bend! There was a citizen of South Bend that said he has NEVER seen Mayor Pete. Go figure.

  2. FOFY286

    February 12, 2020 @ 6:38 am

    Yes Petes activities in South Bend and yours as VP make a good comparison. Many of which are considered very minor. But Joe, well Joe has some great things to brag about. A great accomplishment to brag on, setting a radical, aggressive, terrorist supporting country on the path to nuclear weapons and giving the funding for it a great jump start. Involvement with a bill that had a major impact on healthcare in the country, costing much more than claimed , cost citizens much more than the claimed savings, has many lies about the implementation and passed through deceit. To name some and not considering the admitted and bragged on actions which have yet to be proven to be other than a Quid Pro Quo.
    Yup, both have wonderful, powerful ideas every bit as good as saying that looks nice, should do it while looking down at the pretty ribbon bow jus tied on the unset or splinted broken leg. Yup, quite beneficial.

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