David Horowitz: Trump Will Win Because Americans 'Aren't Stupid'

David Horowitz: Trump Will Win Because Americans ‘Aren’t Stupid’

July 10, 2020   |   by James G. Dalton

New York Times Bestselling Author David Horowitz thinks President Donald Trump will be reelected in November for two reasons.

Horowitz, the author of “Blitz: Trump Will Smash the Left and Win,” shared his election predictions during a Wednesday appearance on “No Spin News” with Bill O’Reilly.

“I believe Trump will win for two reasons,” he said. “One, is the American people aren’t stupid.”

He said Americans see that it is Democrat leaders who are “egging on the rioters and the looters.”

He said cities that experienced violence and destruction as people protested for racial justice were all Democrat-controlled cities.

Secondly, he said, Trump will win because people want safety from their government.

“It’s clear the Democrat Party is enabling the violence.”

He said his book, which made it on the New York Times bestseller list as well as a No. 1 Amazon bestseller, points out that the Democrat party is treasonous. He cites the Russian collusion investigation and impeachment process.

He said he finished his book just as the coronavirus outbreak began.

O’Reilly asked if Horowitz thinks the coronavirus pandemic has impacted Trump’s chances for reelection.

“A lot will depend on where the virus is during election time,” Horowitz replied.

Horowitz acknowledged that Trump shouldn’t have picked a fight with NASCAR and its decision to ban Confederate flags at events.

“He shouldn’t have picked this last fight and there’s many he shouldn’t have picked,” he said. “But he will focus.”

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  1. Gene

    July 10, 2020 @ 3:48 pm

    The American people as a whole are not stupid, and see Trump as a divisive racist who helped encourage violence against the protesters while trying to shift blame to those “evil” Democrats. All deception and disillusionment. Trump will suffer one of the worst popular vote losses ever. It will be a “disaster”.

    • Joseph Corson

      July 10, 2020 @ 4:00 pm

      In your dreams Gene! You Commie Democrats are in for a rude awakening come November! All you baby murderers and liars do is lie, cheat, steal, and destroy! Well in November the true Americans like me and the huge silent majority are going to wipe you ignorant disgusting degenerates out! You all are toast! The American people have spoken!!

    • Billy Wilson

      July 10, 2020 @ 10:25 pm

      Gene go back to your cell, Socialist.

    • Chris Demeules

      July 12, 2020 @ 8:57 pm

      Gene, it’s nice to see someone who is clearly not fond of President Trump actually reading a rag that is clearly for him. I have a hard time reading much from democrat controlled entities. Of course it’s being thrust with great vigor into my face every way I turn. What gets me is they NEVER say anything nice about Trump. Hmm… I wish you well, Gene.

  2. Felix L. Rivera

    July 10, 2020 @ 5:27 pm

    Gene let me educate you on recent history. Racial tensions were at lowest just before 9-11, at that time THE USA was accepting anyone, anytime! Barack Obama at a Muslim gathering of 2,500 Muslim High Ranks Mocked Christianity, Bible, Priests, Statues, Saints, Christians. Ghadafi was killed – Do you know what was restarted by Barack/Hillary, Muslim Black Slave Trade. The very next day Michelle Obama on National TV called Black women lazy and white women scared! 2 weeks later “White Men are the problem” then at a memorial mouthed “All this for a stupid flag”, she invited rappers- excluded whites! Snoop smoked pot in the White House! So in conclusion… we are not casting blame but trying to fix the greatest FUBAR s Lunatic Plantation, Racist, Slave Trade, war monger Democrats ever did! By letting Soros buy them out!
    Let me know if you want more! I can’t call you a Facist Pig! Because your statement was ignorant.

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