Marquette University Considers Rescinding Admission of Student for Expressing Trump Support

Marquette University Considers Rescinding Admission of Student for Expressing Trump Support

July 10, 2020   |   by James G. Dalton

Not long after Hardin-Simmons University in Texas expelled a student for daring to criticize the Black Lives Matter movement in a TikTok video, a newly admitted student at Marquette University who expressed her support for President Donald Trump in a TikTok video was facing a similar fate.

Samantha Pfefferle was admitted to the Wisconsin university’s Class of 2024, and, as she told The College Fix, she has already paid for her housing and has roommates, along with a complete class schedule.

However, after her pro-Trump video went viral, angering many liberals, a Marquette official contacted the 18-year-old to say her admission was now “in limbo” and to grill her about her political views.

For the record, the TikTok video does not contain anything controversial.

It merely features Pfefferle lip-synching and dancing to the song “Gooba,” performed by 6ix9ine, as captions appear making it perfectly clear that she would not abandon her support for the president due to pressure from the liberal mob.

Pfefferle wears a Marquette sweatshirt in the video, titled “When the libs find their way to your page,” as captions pop up on screen featuring the phrases “When people see that I support Trump,” “then try to hate on me,” “and think I’ll change my views.”

@conservativegirl0When the libs find their way to your page🤧🤣##trump ##trump2020 ##republicanhypehouse ##republicans

♬ GOOBA – 6ix9ine

Liberals did “find their way” to her page, with many going nuclear trying to “hate on” Pfefferle. One person went so far as to tell the young woman, “I hope you get shot.” They made it clear that they want Pfefferle to face consequences for sharing her political opinion.

Brian Troyer, the dean of undergraduate admissions at Marquette, reached out to Pfefferle, who told The College Fix that “he had the heart to tell me I wasn’t a student,” meaning that her “classification is still in limbo and currently being decided by the administration.”

According to Pfefferle, she was subjected to a series of questions designed to make her feel guilty about her support for the president:

“They also asked me hypothetical questions regarding Dreamers. How would I respond if a Dreamer down the hall from me came up to me and told me she didn’t feel safe or comfortable with my views being on campus.

“The assistant dean asked if I put any thought into the response I would be getting from my videos.”

How condescending.

The purpose of college is to prepare young Americans for adulthood, and adulthood in a diverse country like the United States requires the maturity to accept divergent views. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz had it right when he declared that academia is “trying really hard to raise a generation of pansies.”

Fortunately, in addition to receiving a lot of hate, Pfefferle also has received a lot of support.

If Marquette decided to expel Pfefferle, it would only represent the latest example of intolerance at the Jesuit university. John McAdams, a professor at Marquette, was fired because he dared to criticize a student instructor for attempting to shut down all debate about the issue of gay marriage.

The fact that the Wisconsin Supreme Court ordered McAdams’ reinstatement might give the college pause about giving into the demands of “cancel culture” with regard to Pfefferle.

Fortunately, it looks like, as of right now, Pfefferle will still be attending Marquette this fall. A spokeswoman for the university told Empower Wisconsin that her admission has not been revoked.

The College Fix article also featured an editor’s note that read, “After publication Tuesday, Pfefferle reached out to The College Fix and said that the school on Monday finally told her it would not revoke her admissions.”

Regardless of her status at Marquette University, it’s clear that Pfefferle has a bright future ahead of her. The Waupaca County Republican Party has invited her to be a guest speaker at an event taking place next week:

Still, the fact that Pfefferle experienced such an enormous level of hostility for daring to express support for a particular politician is beyond frightening.

Colleges and universities should never, ever sacrifice the time-honored tradition of free speech to appease the increasingly radical advocates of cancel culture.

The College Fix said it reached out to Marquette University, which did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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  1. James Keister

    July 10, 2020 @ 2:18 pm

    Sounds like they don’t want any students, they know they can’t indoctrinate, or brainwash. Time to shut down these schools, and arrest the administration, and professors, that don’t teach the way they use to. Give them a taste of what a communist society’s like. That might change their ways.

    • Joseph Corson

      July 10, 2020 @ 4:03 pm

      Best idea I’ve heard all day James! I’m with you!

  2. Frances Dodge

    July 10, 2020 @ 4:20 pm

    What is this country comming to? All these Socialist/ommunist/Marxists grade teachers and Professors eed to get off their high horses and either teach ALL of our children right or leave the country! The bible never lists the US as a country in Revelations, so one day we will fall to one of our enemies but not yet! Liberals you aren’t GOD so stop playing like you are or God will come down and mess with you. There sre no Saints in the Liberal party and those that say they are church goers are just pulling your leg. They need to do alot of studing in their bibles.

  3. M L

    July 10, 2020 @ 4:32 pm

    Doesn’t say much for our “universities”, biased, close minded, hypocrites, dangerous philosophy – my way or no way. Sad state of affairs our country has become. If you don’t like our country, please have the grace to leave it. I think there are too many people that think America is better than any socialist, communist, or marxist country. We like having grocery stores with food and other necessities in them. We like our freedoms which includes freedom to voice our preference in the president of the USA, even though some of the “university indoctrinated employees and students” don’t believe our view, if different than theirs, is okay. Shame on them.

  4. Robert

    July 10, 2020 @ 7:35 pm

    During the judgment day, they will burned in hell.

  5. Roger

    July 10, 2020 @ 8:30 pm

    ban tik tok

  6. Rodney Kim

    July 10, 2020 @ 9:39 pm

    When our institutions of “learning” become gestapo institutions of stiffling and prohibiting of free speech, then it is time for such institutions to close, or be done away with. They become institutions of danger to their our future citizens. Whenever they leave God out of the equation, then you will end up with the devil.

  7. Arthur Orofino

    July 12, 2020 @ 11:51 am

    Have you forgotten who put the college prof’s there to hit the young impressionable students with there garbage. Smart plan and its working notice the protest crowed ?? BLM just an excuse to get the attention they need to build on our new way of life in this country. Smart Idea and its working as you are seeing how the University’s will object to any one or group that dares to speak about the American way of life as we know it just convert the next generation thru the best way, THE COLLEGES its working. Who do you think is tearing down our USA history,,burning,looting,killing, our SENIORS ?? are you kidding me. Were on our way to change as NO ONE IS SHOWING HOW TO STOP IT !! The man and wife protecting there HOME and look what our GOVERNMENT is doing to our FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS its one of there starts now tell me its not working !!!. Taking over part of a major City,painting the streets,moving on WASHINGTON etc. Our military says let them be its there rights are you kidding me?? Another part of there change and its working if you want to live here just get use to it. THE END

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