Chris Bedford: Statue Destruction Is ‘Always Followed By People’

July 11, 2020   |   by James G. Dalton

Federalist Senior Editor Chris Bedford warned Americans that the destruction of statues is “always followed by people” during Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Friday.

“Every time in history, Tucker, that we’ve seen statues taken down, from ancient Rome to France where they started with symbols like a large empty prison, and then they started attacking churches,” things escalate, Bedford said. He noted that here in the United States, that mob has already quickly intensified from targeting Confederate symbols to “hanging statues in the streets.”

“Revolutionaries and mobs that go after the symbols of a civilization never just want to stop at a symbol. They’re not just angry at a statue. They’re angry at what it represents. … They will not stop until the real blood is spilled in a targeted way,” Bedford continued.

Bedford then criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her nonchalance toward the toppling of the statue of legendary 15th-century explorer Christopher Columbus in Baltimore at the hands of mobs.

“People will do what they do,” Pelosi said.

“She knows that her power is not currently threatened by these mobs. They’re going after some of her enemies, but her power is broadly threatened because tearing down statues is all about power just like almost this entire movement’s been about,” Bedford said, emphasizing that a society that’s willing to defend itself and its cultural landmarks, as opposed to tearing them down, is a healthy one. “A society that stops building monuments doesn’t believe in itself anymore, and a society like ours led by people like Pelosi, who actively cheer or watch as they’re torn down, that society’s on its death watch.”

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  1. Dutsi

    July 11, 2020 @ 3:23 pm

    Pelosi wouldn’t be so nonchalant if the street mobs were on hers or painting murals in front of her mansion!! She should NOT serve another term in office, she is the one who is UNFIT!! Pelosi is an enemy of the People!!

  2. Joseph Corson

    July 11, 2020 @ 3:44 pm

    Pelosi and her minions are the scum of the earth! She is the head Traitor of her Nazi Communist Democratic Party! She is a dispicable disgusting disgrace to America and a clear and present danger to our precious Constitution! She should be charged with TREASON and SEDITION at the least! Then she needs hauled off to either Leavenworth or Gitmo. for her numerous crimes. What a horrible monster she is!

  3. ezra

    July 11, 2020 @ 6:07 pm

    Nancy Pelosi is desperate. She’s old and her health is frail. Her dream has always been set on the White House and now, finally, it is in reach. The ‘why’ is obvious and has been for many years. But she was elected by radicals because she’s a particularly nasty piece of work in office and on the campaign trail. She raises huge campaign money because she is utterly sold out to the highest bidder. But it is because she is such a nasty madam that she can’t seem to get elected to higher office. Everyone wants a mean, vengeful nasty hatchet-person in Congress BUT NOBODY wants that in their V.P. Or President. So the very quality that has served her in Congress for 34 years has made her unelectable to higher office…you might remember that this same reputation followed Hillary Clinton and damaged her campaign. Also, Pelosi has become unpredictable. Her handlers can only count on her obedience 90% of the time. The other 10% catches her making idiotic off the cuff statements such as the now famous “We just have to vote the Healthcare Act into Law and THEN we can read the 2300 pages of material!”
    She embarrasses herself, of course, but more importantly she embarrasses those she serves..her bosses, handlers and paymasters. Pelosi has become childish in her transparent ‘tit for tat’ wars with all conservatives. Another part of what makes her unreliable as a minion and dangerous to her electorate. She has taken on board as her apprentice assassins Adam Schiff’, who has called for the abolishing of free, Constitutional Presidential elections and who has been caught very publicly in numerous obvious lies during his transparent attacks against President Trump. And Chuck Schumer who publicly threatened two serving Supreme Court Justices. And who has called for a second impeachment trial based on President Trump’s personality and use of Twitter! (Neither a Constitutional reason for impeachment…yet). But this strategy has backfired on Nancy Pelosi badly giving the very public image of her, seeming to run an Angry Clown College for washed up politicians.
    But now Nancy’s machiavellian strategy for getting to the White House is about to pay off…she thinks..(and perhaps ‘prays’?).
    As majority Speaker of the House (she prays America won’t ‘woke up’ to her crazy scheme by November) she is second in line for the big chair in the Oval Office. Of course she has little hope of the big chair, she has an absolute lock on the V.P. Position if Dementia Joe gets elected in November. We all know that Dementia Joe is failing badly physically, and more importantly, mentally. He has had heart issues, high blood pressure, two strokes and a number of very public memory losses in which he simply drifts away and forgets where he’s at, what he’s doing and even what office he’s stumping for. It has become a coffee shop topic of conversation amongst his voting base and the actual strategy of the Democratic Party. If Sleepy Time Joe manages, against all common sense odds, to be elected this term; the very first demand of both parties will be for him to have an embarrassingly thorough physical and psychological exam. There’s no way his health ‘secrets’ won’t come back to haunt him. Once he is found incompetent and unfit for the office, whatever wild card pocket radical he has positioned to help him garner the votes of the mob for Vice President will quickly and (if the legacy media can help it by playing along) quietly dislodge poor ol’ Joe and slide one Marxist radical socialist over into the big chair. But now a Vice President is needed. And as mentioned before, Nancy Pelosi has positioned herself with great care in the ‘promotable’ slot to become the next Vice President.
    This is not conjecture, these are all facts gathered from following the most ‘reliable’ news sources (if any can still be called ‘unbiased’ or ‘balanced’ an issue for another time). As Machiavellian as this scheme seems, if Dementia Boy gets elected in November it will be his ‘wild card’ radical leftist and our nasty piece of work Nancy Pelosi next to her and Chuck Schumer gleefully wringing his hands with thoughts of unbridled power dancing through his head in the majority leader’s chair…oh, and Adam Schiff? He’s been promised the moon but all the players on both sides know that he hasn’t the mind or the political clout to be more than he has always been, a hatchet man and political errand boy for the extremists who’s goal and purpose it is to make America a 3rd world boiling pot of hot communism. It’s the only way for them to keep their power and it will destroy this Constitutional Republic forever.

  4. Joseph Corson

    July 12, 2020 @ 12:19 am

    A brilliant analysis of the facts Ezra! You are absolutely right! Trump/Pence 2020!

  5. Tom

    July 12, 2020 @ 7:51 am

    Yes you have to hand it to Ezra for an analysis that is spot on or so close you’ll have to go back and read carefully for the difference. Even if the top psychos don’t get the juicy graft spots they hope the result will be every bit as nasty. if the Psycho Demos actually follow through with their stated plans our economy as well as the US will be destroyed. The economy that is necessary for the world and there is no other similar to us that has any chance of replacing our economy. The only other at the moment is China.

  6. Tom

    July 12, 2020 @ 8:23 am

    Back to the article we have ample reason to agree. For the past several years the Demos have destroyed people without a care, you might say happily. Their actions show they would have been tossing and burning people just like the statues if they thought they could get away with it.
    Take the people who offered to defend themselves and their property who are now facing legal charges against them. Oh they were just protestors passing by. Protestors yes, who broke down their gates to enter the property who judging by the actions of similar mobs associated with the same movement give reason to fear similar behavior. A mob that was armed with various weapons and in sufficient numbers that the type of weapons is moot. The DA even had the weapons of the home owners seized. Now they are properly defenseless if the mob decides to come back to make an example. A perfect example of the new society and the consequences of disobeying or disagreeing, check the utopia of CHOP and being beaten to a pulp for disobeying or any other infraction. Rather have those terribly dangerous police and the miniscule chance of great harm.

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